Nutrition For The Hill

This weeks Friday Top Tip is about Hill Food & Nutrition – I’m no Nutritionalist but over the years on the hill I’ve found what works for me when I need to refuel. I see many people with sandwiches & crisps, chocolate etc which is good hill food as it’s got carbs & sugar, but I’ve actually found you need more protein than carbs, here’s what I eat & why :

Breakfast – porridge in winter, Greek yogurt, berries & nuts or muesli in summer and loads of coffee/ tea. I drink at least 1/2 litre water so I’m hydrated and need less water on the hill.

Through the day

1 litre water – to keep super hydrated

Flask coffee / hot chocolate/ green tea – a warm drink always raises the spirits & is important in emergencies

Oat cakes – can be mixed with all sorts, I usually have boiled eggs, cheese, tinned fish or marmite and Nutella or dark chocolate for desert

Apple/ banana / berries

Mixed nuts / trail mix & Trail / muesli/ protein bar – in my pockets so I can eat regularly on the move

Sweets – haribos/ jelly babies

Key thing is there’s some slow carb release (oats) in the morning & day, then healthy fats & protein (cheese, eggs, nuts) to prolong the blood sugar release along with some natural sugar (fruit) for energy, salt (marmite) to aid hydration, a mental boost (coffee, warm drink) and a high blood sugar fix (sweets, chocolate) for those high energy tough ascents and epics / emergencies.

I’m sure there loads of other combinations that work but after years of experimenting this is what works for me !

What works for you ?