Rock Climbing Courses

Rock Climbing is a thrilling experience and you cannot get much closer to the landscape than this! However, it can take years to learn the skills, but with Peak-Outdoor you don’t have to wait you can book a half or full day where one of our Mountain Training Certified instructors will take you or your group out onto some of the most famous rock-climbing venues in the country, the majority being in our own backyard of the Dark & White peak.

Our beginners course is aimed at people with no experience in rock climbing as well as those that have experience of climbing indoors and want to make the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing. Our courses are run from the Peak District where there is a multitude of choice of climbing venues in which many would argue is one of the world best climbing venues. There are many different grades from easy to intermediate and hard and we will ensure you get the best out of your day that suits your abilities.

Our courses start from half days, full days and 2 days courses, if you have limited time and just want to get out on the rock and start climbing then our half day course is perfect, if you want to learn more about climbing and have more time to practice the skills you will learn then we recommend our full and two day courses.

We provide all equipment required to enjoy your day and all you need to bring is your clothing, sturdy walking shoes/ boots and pack lunch.

No previous experience is required and our qualified and experienced instructors will ensure you have a safe and informative day.

Our rock climbing courses are £60 per person for half day, £100 per person for full day and £180 per person for 2 days, our standard terms and conditions apply, click on the link to book your rock climbing adventure – please book my rock climbing course

To book this please call us on 07970 835737 or visit our Contact Us page to enquire about availability,  We also run bespoke courses, so just get in touch with your preferred dates