Body Heat

Friday Top Tips – we missed last weeks Friday Top Tips so here 3 to make up for it 😊, with winter being such a difficult time to keep warm & conversely not sweat too much here’s some advice on how to regulate your temperature & maintain a positive attitude.

Tip 1 – Be bold start cold – when starting your walk start with 1 less layer or so your slightly cool, you’ll soon warm up in 5/10 mins when on the hill & this avoids stopping again to take a layer off.

Tip 2 – Have 2 spare base layers, 1 for emergencies & one to change into when you get to the summit / start of a climb or when your base layer is wet, you might have to strip off your wet base layer but it’s the best way to get warm again & it feels great to have dry clothes on your skin.

Tip – 3 – use a Buff – for such a small piece of kit a buff gives great value, it can be used to keep your neck warm, your head & ears warm as a back up to your hat, cover your nose & mouth in really cold conditions, also used as a headband to soak up sweat so your clothes don’t sweat out

There loads more ways of regulating your temperature & keeping a positive mind set so feel free to comment on your tips

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