Ordnance Survey Resource

This weeks Friday Top Tip is a great resource from @ordnancesurvey_maps website , it’s their education section & is full of useful learning tools for navigation & mapping. Useful for beginners & teachers of navigation & has useful resources like symbol legends, flash cards, maps etc.

Check it out – https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/education/teacher-resources


Friday Top Tip – Compasses , we’ve seen all manner of compasses turn up on our Navigation courses, here’s just a few features we think are essential for your compass (beyond the obvious) & there’s surprisingly a lot to consider

A long base – too short & taking a long baring can be difficult

A roamer scale – this helps you measure distances easily on different scale maps

Silicone feet on the base – stops your compass sliding around on the map.

Magnifying Glass – for those tricky to read map features & symbols

Directional / alignment lines in the base plate – using the side of the base plate for bearings can cause errors, using the long thin black alignment line is more accurate
There’s tonnes more features to consider & we’ll be covering these in future tip posts.

For more navigation info head to – https://www.peak-outdoor.co.uk/activities/navigation-training/